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Hourly Drop-in Daycare Center in Manhattan

Jamboree Daycare is a unique drop-in daycare center. We are an hourly drop-in childcare center for kids’ aged 12 weeks through five years old. We give importance to high safety and cleanliness standards while maintaining a caring and nurturing environment where children can thrive.

Flexible & Affordable

Are you an active family in need of quality, reliable childcare that is also flexible and affordable? We provide convenient, hourly drop-in childcare to busy families when they need a part-time solution, evening or weekend care, or just someone to watch their kids in a pinch.

Jamboree Daycare

Childcare Excellence

Parents can feel confident leaving their children knowing they will receive a wide variety of play and learning opportunities while being with our trained and experienced staff. We provide ample opportunities for fun learning experiences in the classroom and outdoors, promoting a lifelong love for learning. 

Why Choose Us

  • Flexible and convenient
  • Open through the day, evenings, and weekends
  • Nutritious meals and snacks

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Jamboree Daycare

Stories From Happy Parents

Jamboree Daycare

“We just love this place, we take our daughter here quite often. All the staff are super friendly and helpful.” ~Missy B.

“Jamboree is awesome! They have full-time spots as well as drop-in availability which is really nice because my baby goes 4 days a week and I can add a day or swap a day anytime I need. It’s really helpful when I want to work more or if we miss a day due to illness, appts, vacation, whatever (whereas in a traditional daycare you just lose that day and you’re out of luck, AND still paying for it!). The after-hours options are also REALLY nice to have on weekend nights, especially when you have no family around to help. Jamboree is the best little gem in Manhattan!” ~Sadie G.

“Jamboree is amazing!! All the staff are so friendly and our 2 year old loves it!! It’s so convenient to stop, drop, and go and it’s awesome to have a go-to babysitter always available!!” ~Jess W.

“I love Jamboree. Everyone is always so nice and welcoming. Even though my daughter goes maybe three or four times a month, they welcome her by her name when we come in. I actually feel comfortable with having my daughter there. I definitely recommend checking them out.” ~Elizabeth L.