Special Announcement: Our child ages accepted has changed. Click HERE for more details.
Special Announcement: Our child ages accepted has changed. Click HERE for more details.
Flexible, Convenient
Drop-In Childcare
Have something to do and rather not tote the kids around? 
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare is the answer!
  •  Hourly care that works on YOUR schedule - No reservation required
  •  Extended hours including evenings & weekends
  •  State licensed childcare facility - Experienced, certified teachers
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Stop, Drop, and Relax
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare is a unique hourly drop-in childcare center for kids ages 12 weeks to 5 years old.
Just stop in, drop the kids off, and relax knowing they are having fun and learning from qualified, caring teachers. 
  •  Safe & secure environment
  •  Fun atmosphere that promotes playtime & learning
  •  Experienced staff is background checked & CPR/First Aid certified
  •  Flexible & convenient
  •  Open when you need us, including evenings & weekends
  •  Nutritious meals served 3 times per day with snacks in between
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare Is The Perfect Solution
Are you an active family in need of quality, reliable childcare that is also flexible, and affordable?  
We provide convenient, no reservation, hourly drop-in childcare to busy families when they need a part-time solution, evening or weekend care, or just someone to watch their kids in a pinch. Parents can feel confident leaving their children knowing they will receive a wide variety of play and learning opportunities while with experienced staff. A tailor made alternative for parents on the move!
  •  Running Errands
  •  Doctor appointments
  •  Working evenings and/or weekends
  •  Shopping/Dining
  •  Exercising
  •  Meetings to attend
  •  Date nights for parents
  •  Work from home schedules
  •  Back up when regular childcare isn't available
  •  When mom and dad just need a break
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Here Is What We Offer!
We have spacious indoor and outdoor play areas to keep your child engaged, happy, and safe.
  •  Creative Play
  •  Puzzles
  •  Outdoor Activities
  •   Books
  •  Learning Activities
  •   Group Play
  •  Video Games
  •  Building Blocks
  •  Arts & Crafts
Meet Our Director
Jenna Reid, Co-Founder and Director Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
Jenna Reid, Co-Founder and Director
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
We are so excited to have Jenna leading our charge of bringing hourly drop-in daycare to the Manhattan area.

In her 13+ years of child development experience, she has worked in a variety of settings. Early in her career she worked as a crisis intervention specialist for at-risk, underprivileged, and homeless youth in her community. Following this, she transitioned into early child development and child care. In addition to owning a licensed daycare for 8+ years, she is experienced in center based teaching including 2 years as a lead teacher in a preschool classroom. Jenna has an associates degree in Child Development.

Jenna's resume is superb, but what families talk about are the things you can't put on a resume- the genuine love, caring, and guidance that she gives to all the children in her care. Her ability to bond with her "little peeps" and their families is truly remarkable. You don't have to take our word for it, our families are glad to share!
What Our Families Are Saying About Us
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"I left my almost 2 year old for the first time with Jenna and her crew. I was starting to feel the mommy guilt after a few hours and thought I’d better get back. I walked in, got a hug, and he went back to playing. My girls didn’t want to leave either. Probably the safest and most reliable place I’ve found."
- Kerri M.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"Dropped off my 3 year old and 9 month old, so my husband and I could just spend the day together. My kids had a BLAST! And mom and dad enjoyed spending the day together!!"
- McKenna W.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"Jamboree has been amazing. We unfortunately lost our daycare suddenly and they have been a life savor! My twins come home talking about how much fun they've had and ask to go back in the mornings so I know they are loving it. Thank you for taking care of my babies!"
- Tara G.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"This place was a LIFESAVER for me today! Busy Mom mistake and didn't realize I had no daycare for my hair appointment! (AHHHHH!) The staff and facility were AMAZING...my 3 year old didn't want to leave and 5 month old napped (WINNING)! Highly recommend for those of us who have off and on needs!!!"
- Jenny S.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"So, great. I can take my son so I can get things done around the house and he gets to play and make friends. I’ll be making this a regular thing for him to catch on to “class structure” and do my shopping or chores during the week so my weekends are free for fun. I’ve got a list of reasons to take him."
- Anna H.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"We have used Jamboree 3 or 4 times now. We attended the open house and met some of the staff and I knew instantly it was going to be amazing! My boys are 5 and 2.5yrs old. They love going! It's not often I can leave my 2yr old anywhere this easily. They both go right in, the staff is so welcoming and friendly, they just feel right at home. This is exactly what we need in this town!"
- Jess H.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"I️ can’t say enough wonderful things about Jenna and her awesome staff! She was absolutely amazing with my 3 year old who doesn’t like new situations-especially being away from mommy. She cuddled him and gave him extra hugs and was just fantastic. My big kids also can’t wait to go back!"
- Lindsey K.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"Jamboree is a God send. Perfect for anyone working on call or in healthcare. The Owner is very flexible & compassionate with the children.
My 3yo just loves Jamboree! I would highly recommend Jamboree to anyone looking for part time flexible child care."
- James T.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"Jenna and the staff at Jamboree are amazing! I’ve brought my 2 boys to the daycare twice so far and will continue to choose Jamboree as my #1 daycare option when I need childcare."
- Jessica P.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
"Great organization! Great employees! Great concept! Thank you JAMBOREE!"
- Robert B.
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
Drop-In Daycare Hours & Pricing
$9.50 per hour - infants 12wk-18 mo ($7.00/hr each additional infant sibling)
$8.50 per hour - one child (over 18 months)
$4.50 per hour - each additional sibling
$4.00 - meals
$35.00 annual family registration
Family Bonus Prepayment Plans
$300 receives a 15% bonus (Your value = $345 account credit)
$500 receives a 20% bonus (Your value = $600 account credit)
Monday - Thursday 7:00am to 9:00pm
Friday and Saturday 7:00am to 11:00pm
Sunday 10:00am to 7:00pm
Jamboree Drop-In Daycare
Contact & Location
(785) 370-3966
8385 US-24 Manhattan, KS 66502
A quick 4 minutes East of the Mall
I can drop off my kids whenever I need? What's the catch?
No catch! Our mission is to provide a safe, convenient, and affordable childcare solution for parents on the move. Your kids will love it and so will you!
Do I need to make a reservation?
You are welcome to drop the kids off whenever you need us. Our infant room can fill up fast, so infant reservations are recommended. Though rare, it is possible for us to be at maximum capacity. We do accept reservations for all age groups to guarantee a spot for your child. Please email us at contact@jamboreedaycare.com to make a reservation. 
How does billing work?
When you drop off your child at Jamboree, we keep track of the amount of time they are here with us. When you come and pick them up, we ring you up for the amount of time that has passed since the drop off time. Simple as that! We do have a 1 hour minimum charge per visit. After the first hour, we prorate all charges to the exact minute. No rounding up in 15 or 30 min increments. You only pay for the exact minutes they are here! If you choose a prepayment plan, or have a credit on your account, we will debit your account in the amount of the visit and inform you of your remaining account balance. 
What do I need to do to sign up?
The registration process is simple. The first step is to complete the registration form. The registration form can be completed through our website or picked up at our center. The form usually takes about 5 minutes to complete. Along with the Jamboree registration form we will need your KDHE paperwork for our files. If you need the forms you can download them HERE. Completed KDHE forms can be emailed, dropped off beforehand, or just brought in on your first visit. We have an annual family membership registration fee of $35 that can be paid in advance through our website or at drop off on the first visit.
Are immunization records required?
We are required to have current immunization records on file for all children.
What if my child (or myself) is nervous about our first time to visit? 
We totally understand! We encourage you to bring in your child a little early on their first visit so one of our fantastic crew members can give you and your child a personal tour and introduce you to the whole gang!
Do you have separate spaces for each age group of children?
Yes! We separate the children by age group and each space has age appropriate toys and activities.
Do you serve meals?
We provide balanced, nutritious meals three times per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for an additional charge of $4.00 per meal. We provide snacks between meals and after dinner at no extra cost to you. 
Can I bring food?
You are welcome to pack food or snacks for your child. We are a nut free facility so please no nut products. If your infant or toddler requires formula or stage 1 or stage 2 baby food, we will need you to provide that. Meals brought from home can be refrigerated and heated at meal time if needed. We recommend putting your name on any bottles, cups, or containers that you bring.
What about the staff?
Our team at Jamboree is made up of fun, caring and enthusiastic individuals, committed to providing an amazing experience that your kids will love, and you will thank us for. All of our team members are Kansas Department of Heath & Environment certified, background checked, and CPR/First Aid certified.
Do you change diapers? What if my child is potty training?
Diaper changing is one of our specialties! :-) All children in diapers or in training will be changed and/or taken to the restroom every hour and a half. We ask that you provide a diaper bag with diapers and wipes, and extra clothes for those kids that are still training. If you forget or run out of diapers or wipes it’s no problem! We have diapers in house for an additional $1.00 each.
Is Jamboree safe and secure?
Keeping the children in our care safe is a top priority of the team at Jamboree. Important measures are taken each day to insure the safety of all children. We encourage parents to stop by for information and tours; as a safety precaution the front office may request a valid state photo ID. Only staff is permitted in the play areas; parents may walk their children back if accompanied by the director.
Do you have more questions?
We are happy to answer any questions you have! You can call us at: (785) 370-3966 or email us at: contact@jamboreedaycare.com
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